Local Rules for Vista Valencia Golf Courses

Play from the white embedded monuments and from between the white tee box markers. (The exception is Hole #17 where you will play from the embedded red monument on the left of tee box by step on the lower level.

Drainage Ditches

Across Holes #2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 16 and 18 shall be played as WATER HAZARDS. A ball in the hazard may be played as it lies with no penalty. A 1-stroke penalty is assessed when the ball is dropped. (USGA Rule 26-1a or 26-1b). Bridges across the ditches are in the hazard. *See below.

Hole #4

The ditch on the left side of the fairway shall be played as a lateral water hazard; a 1-stroke penalty is assessed when taking relief. If the ball is in the concrete structure, it is in the hazard. If the ball lies outside of the hazard, the concrete wall shall be played as an immovable obstruction.

Hole #17

Play from the lower tee embedded monument aligning with the white tee box markers. Water surrounding the island green is a lateral water hazard (both fairway and island sides). If your ball crosses the island and goes into the water, you may, under penalty of 1 stroke, drop a ball within two club lengths no nearer the hole than the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard. If the ball lands in the bank (ground between the water and grass) of the hazard, it is in the hazard. Relief must be taken on the tee side of the water.

Extremely Muddy Areas:

If your ball lands in an extremely muddy area, relief may be taken frollowing the same procedure as for relief from casual water. Decision should be at the discretion of your playing group.

*If red stakes are still posted at these ditches, ignore them. The course has been rated Identifyling these ditches as direct water hazards and should be marked with yellow stakes or lines.

Yardage to the Ditches:

The measurements are approximate as the rain and weather conditions contribute to on-going erosion.


75 yards to the flat area in front of the ditch. 125 yards to carry ditch to the middle of the green


90 yards to ditch. 100 yards from front of ditch to the green


75 yards to clear the ditch


113 yards from the edge of the ditch in the faiarway to the green


95 yards to front of ditch. 125 yards to clear ditch


72 yards to front of ditch. 100+ yards to clear the ditch


77 yards to the ditch. 97 yards to carry the ditch.